Ebel Family Law

Areas of Specialty in Family Law
Asset Protection
Asserting and Defending Against Separate Property Claims In the Context of A Divorce
Business Valuations In the Context of A Divorce
Child Custody During A Divorce Action
Child Sexual Abuse Tort Actions
Child Support
Collaborative Divorces
Contempt Actions
Defending Against an Alimony Award In Context of Divorce
Drafting Post Nuptials or Reconciliation Agreements
Drafting Pre-Nuptial or Ante nuptial Agreements
Drafting Settlement Agreements for Divorce, Paternity, Legitimation and
Modification Actions
Drug and Alcohol Issues In The Context of Divorce Actions, including parenting plans
which incorporate drug and alcohol testing protocols for purposes of visitation rights
Equitable Division of Marital Liabilities In Context of Divorce
Equitable Division of Marital Property In Context of Divorce
Family Violence – Prosecuting and Defending Against Entry of Temporary and
One Year Protective Orders
Global Custody Litigation And The Intersection of Family Law and Immigration Law
Hague Convention Issues
Indian Child Welfare Adoption Issues
Intervention by Grandparents or Other Close Relatives In On-Going Custody Issues
In the Context of Divorce, Paternity and/or Legitimation Actions
Legitimation Actions
Managing Custody Evaluations to Best Effect In Custody Disputes
Modification of Child Custody, Alimony, and Child Support
Name Change Petitions
Other Addictive Behaviors In the Context of A Divorce
Parenting Plans
Paternity Actions
Private Pay Guardian ad Litem ("GAL") Representation Of The Best Interest of Children
Seeking Alimony in Context of Divorce
Separate Maintenance Orders (legal separation)
Third Party Custody Rights by Initial Action
Valuation of Marital and Separate Property
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